Driver Training Compliance

is now a major source of concern

Ultimate Car Control helps organisations like yours who are worried about their legal exposure under the latest government legislation regarding Health & Safety at Work, Duty of Care and Corporate Manslaughter with regard to their employees who drive on business.

As well as providing total peace of mind regarding legal compliance, we also help organisations that are concerned at the increasing levels of costs attributed to fleet management, accident costs and rising insurance premiums. Our courses are proven to significantly reduce costs in all these areas.

We offer a free evaluation of your organisations likely needs and can even offer financial assistance for businesses to undertake their driver training through our partner Volvo Car’s ‘Business Driver Safety’ Programme.

Having tried various forms of fleet driver training, our employees had started to think of Driver Training as a chore and were reluctant to attend the usual courses where they were required to drive around the roads having their driving style criticised. When we were introduced to Ultimate car Control and the concept of ‘Driving Dynamics’ it was like a breath of fresh air. All of our employees have enjoyed their driver training days and have asked for more. The introduction of driver training with Ultimate Car Control has given Health & Safety a new kudos!


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Driving Down Risk