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The UltimateCare Driver Safety Programme

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Driving Down Risk




EPD A Unique Fleet Driver Training Programme with Unique Benefits

Our EPD (Excellence in Professional Driving) fleet driver training programme is the most complete legally compliant fleet driver training programme for businesses under UK health and safety duty of care legislation.  It has been quoted as the most innovative, educational, exciting and complete fleet driver training programme available anywhere in the world.

EPD is unique in the driver training world. After a comprehensive classroom theory session, we concentrate on ‘Driving Dynamics’ which is the understanding of the effect a driver’s input has on the car’s handling. Our courses are set up so that our drivers can experience different driving scenarios and then learn and practice the appropriate response to each, such as emergency braking or accident avoidance techniques. Then they practice again, and again, and again until the correct reaction becomes second nature.

All of this is completed in one day, at private and secure venues nationwide, and in complete safety. The course provides the driver with a full dynamic awareness, and a level of car control that is unsurpassed. It is incredibly empowering and provides the driver with the skills required to be able to react and adapt to the critical motions of car control in a calm, controlled and confident manner. These techniques have been proven to significantly reduce accident rates and associated fleet management and insurance costs.

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EPD Fleet Driver Training Protects your Employees

Our fleet driver training courses protect your employees by helping them to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road and by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to react appropriately and safely in any scenario.

EPD Fleet Driver Training Protects YOU

We protect you, your company and its directors by helping you to fully understand and comply with current legislation. Respected lawyers and business risk insurance experts working in the field of road safety agree that the EPD provides you and your business with the maximum possible protection:

We believe that due to the high quality of the EPD programme and the fact Ultimate Car Control is providing an established audit trail and hard evidence that each client has taken the necessary steps to adhere to legislation it would be extremely unlikely, bordering on impossible, for a successful claim to be brought against their clients.

The unsurpassed effectiveness of the EPD programme will also help you to reduce costs through lower accident rates, maintenance costs and therefore insurance premiums.

The EPD Fleet Driver Training course involves:

  • Pre-course on-line driver risk assessment
  • One-day out-of-office driver training
  • Practical defensive driving disciplines
  • Dynamic driving awareness
  • Incident avoidance tuition
  • Individual driving assessment and tuition
  • On-board safety systems such as ‘traction control’ and ABS etc
  • Theory including hazard perception, new legislation, drink/drugs awareness, Highway Code
  • Post-course email update programme to ensure knowledge retention
  • Continual 3-year online risk assessment to maintain company compliance

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